Being coffee roasters first and foremost there is no surprise coffee is our forte. We also have a cracking range of brewing equipment and even tea which we source from single origins too where possible. 

Online Coffee


All rules have been thrown "oot the windae". From now we are packaging each order as quickly as we can for dispatch. If we have enough coffee roasted it'll take us a day to package and up to two days to get to you.


This year we've worked on improving the variety of coffee on offer, while maintaining super high quality. As of today our coffee range is bigger than ever - 9 coffees from South America, Africa and Indonesia (where we visited the plantations in January of this year)

Our CO2 neutral bags come in sizes of 250g, 500g, 1kg and 2.5kg.

Oh, and final thing before you order - free delivery on orders over £20. Go wild.