Brewing Scales with Timer

Brewing Scales with Timer


Essential drip coffee scale with timer from our partners Bemece. The sky is the limit. Better yourself and become the best barista. These will dramatically improve your measure and control of coffee brewing.

Looking for accuracy with your filter brew game without breaking the bank? These are the scales for you. Tare function allows ground coffee to be weighed and then zero'd out before pouring. Timer function allows brew time to be recorded for ultimate brewing feedback. Too fast? Grind finer. Too slow? Grind coarser. Lets do this.

These scales are also perfect for weighing the portafilter [group handle] for espresso shots. Repeating the accuracy of your espresso dose [weighed coffee] will revolutionise your espresso shots. 

  • The Full Story

    • Precision: The high precision sensor can respond quickly and accurately. It registers weight changes instantly while pouring water or powder. It can be accurate to 0.1 grams.
    • Timer Function: The electronic coffee scale has a built-in timer to brew and time your coffee to ensure the consistency of each cup of coffee.
    • Tare Function: Easy control over each step of coffee brewing. From weight of coffee dose to brewed weight. These steps are vital for consistent coffee.
    • Unit Conversion: These scales support switching of different units of oz, lb, g, g/ml, ml, which can weigh solids, liquids, powders. The bearing range is 0.1g to 3kg.
    • What You Get:
      1 x Bemece Digital Coffee Drip Scale with Timer 
      1 x Anti-slip insulation rubber pad
      1 x Plastic tray
      2 x 1.5V AAA batteries