Hario V60 Brewing Set


This is a brewing set for those wanting to take the next step forward in coffee. The ceramic V60 is expertly designed for filter coffee and is the number 1 choice of brewing for Unorthodox Roasters. Also included are filter papers, a coffee scoop and a glass jug, which allows you to see the total volume of coffee brewed and enhances the clarity of the filter coffee.

  • Technical Info

    • Brand: Hario 
    • Range: V60
    • Dripper material: ceramic
    • Server material: borosilicate glass
    • Scoop material: plastic
    • Filters: V60 paper filters, size 01 (x40 included)
    • Filter lifespan: single use
    • Size: 01
    • Brews: 1-2 cups
    • Colour: red
    • Kit includes: dripper, server, filter papers (x40), scoop
    • Rinse clean
    • Country of origin: Japan