Roast Your Own Batch

Roast Your Own Batch


A whole machine batch of Unorthodox just for you! Roast your own batch of Unorthodox Roasters coffee for you and your best friends. Choose a single origin or even blend it to your own desire. Join the roaster in a live stream if you wish and even customise your own labels.

Batch Size
  • How it Works?

    Roast Your Own Batch


    You'll be in communication with our coffee roaster (human, not machine) and he will give you advice on choosing your own coffee from our range + blend it with others if you so wish. We will give you advice on what works best and the result will be your very own batch of unique coffee roasted by Unorthodox! Get in there! 


    Custom Labels


    Come up with a catchy, inventive name to impress your friends and change the colour of the cockerel to make it your own.


    Live Stream + Roaster Chat


    Our coffee roaster will live stream your coffee being roasted and chat you through the process.  The live stream will be about 30 mins and you'll learn how the coffee roaster works and how much effort and concentration goes into each and every batch. Ask as many coffee questions as you like and you'll finish the session having learned a great deal.