Are you ready for the Safari of flavours in this exemplar microlot coffee situated just north of Nairobi. The subtleties of the light roast style are best enjoyed as a pour over preparation. However, we find the intensity and complexity of flavours also create a dynamite milk espresso drink. Berry undertones dominate the cup with an assault of sweet caramelised sugar. In the finale, there is a subtle nuance of perfumed dark cherry. A grandiose coffee. In every way.

  • Technical Info

    PRODUCER: Kiru Farmers Coop.

    ORIGIN: Mathioya, Muranga, Kenya

    VARIETY: SL28, SL34, Riuru 11

    PROCESS: Washed

    ALTITUDE: 1700 masl

  • The Full Story

    The cultivation of coffee started only in the late 1800s thanks to a Scottish missionary, John Paterson. Coffee in Kenya is typically traceable down to the factory, or mill level. Most farmers own between 1/8 to 1/4 of a hectare - known as a ‘shamba’ and often grow crops other than coffee too. Thus, relying on a central processing unit for sale and processing of their coffee.

    Producers deliver in cherry form to a factory, where the cooperative will sort, weigh, and issue payment for the delivery. The coffee is then blended with the rest of the day's deliveries and goes on to be processed.