The Ochil Honey Co.

The Ochil Honey Co.


There is no comparison between this raw honey and the blended brands sold in supermarkets. Once you’ve tried Craig's honey there is literally no going back. This pure honey has incredible health benefits - particularly for hay fever sufferers. A supreme addition to so many dishes (sweet and savoury) and it tastes utterly delicious straight from the jar.

Neil's grandfather enjoyed a teaspoon of honey every morning...

"A good spoon of honey every day will do you the world of good young man" was his mantra. I don't doubt it. For me, this is the good stuff. 

  • The Full Story

    The Ochil Honey Company was founded by owner Craig Johnston after an interest in honey bees grew quickly into an obsession. Not just with the bees themselves but with producing and providing his local community with high quality proper local honey - as the bees intended. Nothing added and nothing taken away.  Never ever pasteurised. Just spun from the hives then coarse filtered so all the natural benefits of raw honey and the pollen contained remains in the honey.

    Our hives are based around the Forth Valley producing some fantastic raw honey. It cannot be confused with the “blended” honey found in most supermarkets. Try it for yourself. Know the difference.