Unorthodox Roasters is an innovative and entrepreneurial venture.

As a team we are highly experimental, focusing on style, substance and service.

Our coffee roasting is done on a Giesen, a beautiful machine used as a World Standard.


Our customers are forward thinkers, they want and deserve quality and something new. 


We run a shop, cafe and HQ in the central sleepy commuter town of Kinross where filter coffee is served as standard from the custom-built brew bar.

Since starting in 2016 we have released Unorthodox Tea to branch out on our creativity.

Unorthodox Roasters will continue to pioneer change. Always.



We add nothing to our coffees, only care and attention. The flavours described originate from the natural coffee bean. The terroir, sun, rain, cultivation, processing, the coffee varietal. All contribute to flavours you taste.

From origin to origin, our innovative roasting aims to awaken the unique, delicate flavours in each coffee bean. We want to exhibit flavours such as fruit punch or nutty caramel. Nothing boring will do.


This is best understood when drunk without milk or sugar which mask the natural sweetness of the brew. However, if you are a milky coffee lover then just add a few more grams of coffee grounds when brewing.

For more coffee tips hit the Brewing tab.

We are

small batch coffee roasters

And select only a few exceptional coffees.

This means we can

focus entirely

on making sure that these coffees are

roasted to perfection.