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Collaborations are good! We work with a wide variety of businesses who create products we love. 

Here we share their workmanship.

Collaborations are good!

There are too many good businesses around us in Scotland and the rest of the UK. So instead of just being solely a coffee roasting company we decided to showcase what we think are the high quality non-coffee products around us and simultaneously support UK businesses by offering their products too.

Don't you love great workmanship? Each Collab is special to us, whether that's because we have formed friendships with the owners or designers or because we feel the product is best in class. See below each one of the businesses we work with, the people behind it and why they are so special to us.

We hope you enjoy meeting some of the businesses and people we adore and potentially purchasing something else to go along with your coffee to make your box even more extra special.



Cold Process Soap Bars

Bronwyn runs a soap company based in Burntisland, Fife making soap to such a high standard that we haven't seen the like anywhere else.

Her soap is cold processed over three months to cure. The smells are incredible as are the swirls of colour Bron manages to create. These are the most natural soap bars we've come across and Unorthodox was sold on them the instant we saw them. The word "unique" just doesn't cut it!

Cabal Rum Unorthodox.jpg

Cabal Rum

Together in Spirit.

What happens when you bring 32 diverse people together to create a new rum?

Cabal’s Expression No.1513

People are at the heart of Cabal’s ethos. So, we brought together whisky drinkers, spirit lovers, rum champions, liquid specialists, trade experts and literally the couple next door to experiment and sample until they had created our very first expression.

Top Out Brewery

First Crack Macchiato Stout, First Rate Beer

A one-off release in collaboration with our friends at Top Out Brewery based at the foot of The Pentlands just outside of Edinburgh. The 'First Crack' is a crucial part of the coffee roasting process, and Top Out liked the Guatemalan Live Wired so much that they decided to craft our first coffee beer around it. Like a good Macchiato it is strong, sweet and rich.

Top Out First Crack 3.png

Jist Jute

Handstiched Upcycled One-Off Tote Bags

We love zero waste, especially when the potential waste can be turned into something so cool! Jist Jute, the brainchild of Alison, is based in Perth and Dundee. She upcycles used coffee sacks and offcuts of unused materials.


For Unorthodox we love the fact that each bag is of a unique style and has been branded specifically for us with a leather tag imported from Canada. See the rest of Alison's creations here:

Bad Gal Boocha

Kombucha, Small Batch, Handcrafted

Bad Gal Boocha, based in Cuparmuir, Fife, was founded by Heather. She began in July 2019 with the aim of making Kombucha sourced from the freshest local ingredients. The bottles used are made from 70% recycled glass, the labels are compostable. The only energy used (other than Heather’s) is electricity and even that comes from a renewable source! The result? Delicious handmade Kombucha that is good for the planet and good for the taste buds.

BG Kombucha.webp
BB Choc.jpg

Bare Bones

Chocolate Roasted and Crafted in Glasgow

Bare Bones Chocolate is a micro-batch, bean to bar chocolate company based in Glasgow created by Cameron and Lara. As chocolate and speciality food enthusiasts, they wanted to create a brand that was built on incredible chocolate with impeccable detail through every process. The duo make chocolate in a tiny workshop in the South Side of Glasgow in micro-batches of around 8kg at a time. Willy Wonka eat your heart out.

Blunt Chisel Brewery

Craft Beer from a Woodworker's Studio

Once a woodworker’s studio, before that a sawmill for the Blairadam estate, Phoenix Mill is now home to The Blunt
Chisel Brewery.


In their hand built 1bbl brewhouse, using three converted fridges and the remnants of a Chinese noodle bar, we create award-winning small batch craft beer.

Blunt Chisel is the creative force behind Wee Stouter - a strong stout made using our own Wee Stoater Brazilian single origin.


Wasted Degrees

Scottish Craft Beer Brewing Pioneers

It takes bravery to leave the day job and University degree behind to start a brewery, but boy we are so glad the team at Wasted Degrees did. From their HQ in Blair Atholl, Wasted Degrees are constantly keeping things fresh and exciting through innovation and collaboration. We serve their incredible pale ale at our Kinross HQ for those after something a little stronger than coffee!

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