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"Smelling authentically botanical!"
The Flagship vegan friendly and animal cruelty free handsoaps by Somasop.
Four distinct and creative aromas that enhance your daily and ritualistic hand washing experience. Carefully handcrafted in small batches and designed for everyday use.


Somasop aims to build a strong Scottish brand representing innovation, creativity and simplicity in the hand soap market. The founders aim to formulae new and exciting aroma coalescences that maintain an enjoyable aroma. This is where a direct quote is necessary:


“We wanted it to smell authentically botanical - like it derived from something real. A real plant.” So many brands, especially cheap brands use low quality or synthetic ingredients. This gives them a very short and fake smelling aroma. Let’s be honest, it’s just not pleasant! And when it’s something we do many times a day - like washing our hands - then let us enjoy that experience.“



One single pump of this hand cleanser is ample for effective hand washing. Slowly massage into wet hands and smell the subtle, complex botanicals in our unique formulation. Rinse thoroughly and dry for perfectly cleansed hands that won't dry out.

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