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129 High Street, Kinross


9.30AM - 5PM DAILY


From an inn to a fish monger to a florist to Unorthodox Roasters HQ. Here is the place to not only drink, but also learn about coffee. You'll be greeted by a copper V60 brew bar and our manual duel lever espresso machine with which our baristas will serve only single origin coffee roasted here. 

Non coffee drinkers can benefit from the Unorthodox range of loose leaf teas and experimental lattes - this is a level of home-grown creativity you will find quite captivating.

Home baking and brunch are also served in our cafe. Local producers feature heavily in our menu designed to be healthy and tasty.



12 Friars Street, Stirling


9.30AM - 5PM DAILY


Nestled in the heart of Stirling's historic old town, the long awaited second branch of Unorthodox Roasters sits, waiting to be discovered. Those guests adventurous enough to search the winding back streets at the base of the castle hill, will find themselves transported to a land of coffee virtuosos and Unorthodox characters in our second cafe. 

The classic favourites from our Kinross branch - pour over filter coffees, expertly crafted flat whites, and amazing cakes - are joined by a new selection of treats, exclusive to the Stirling store. Whether you visit us to study, to relax, or to enjoy some excellent coffee, Unorthodox Stirling will have something for you.

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