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Mahlkonig EK43 with coffee grounds


Amongst all the coffee steps grinding is quite possibly the most overlooked. Countless times we have been asked about water temperature yet the grind ignored at the brewers peril!

What grinder?


Always grind your coffee for the brew method you are using. Each brewer extracts at a different rate so choosing a device that grinds for your method is paramount. Not all grinders do.

Below are the grinders we use and trust to make you the perfect home coffee. If you want to learn a little more, scroll to the bottom of the page to learn more about your perfect coffee grinder.

Wilfa Svart

Potentially one of the most popular electric grinders on the market right now. It's a little step up from the hand grinders and while it won't grind as fine (forget grinding for espresso!) it still makes your home brewing process a lot easier.

This is great for people who love manual brew methods like Cafetiere, Aeropress, v60 and other pour over methods. There is an easy twist system to choose the correct grind setting and for making precise changes.

Suitable for all brew methods except espresso.

Hand-held Compact


Hario is one of the most established Japanese coffee brands out there, well known for quality and design. The Hario Smart Coffee Mill is a prime example of slick engineering at an affordable price.


This is a very good hand-held coffee grinder for the everyday and does the job effectively.

Suitable for French Press, v60/Pour Over & Aeropress

No product

Longevity and Beauty


Possibly one of the nicest hand grinders that currently exists.

Timemore have done it again, creating a grinder that is sleek, stylish, compact, easy grinding and designed to last.

The easy click grind settings are simple to adjust and the stainless steel burrs crush coffee beans to give an even particle distribution.

Awaken the ritualistic animal in you!

Cafe/Home Barista Level


Below are grinders that take barista-ship up one rung.

All grind coffee incredibly well for espresso and every other brew method you can think of. 

They are professional, quick and grind coffee to very precise grind settings. To purchase these or find out more information about them you should use the enquiry form to contact us.

Enquiry Form

For cafe/home barista grinders listed below

Which grinder(s) are you interested in?
Mahlkonig EK43 at Unorthodox Roasters

Mahlkonig EK43


The EK43 which started life as a spice grinder has become so renowned in the coffee market that it now has it's own coffee - the Ekspresso.

There is no doubt the EK43 is in a class of it's own. It does absolutely everything incredibly well. In our opinion the particle distribution is better than any other machine can offer. In fact it's so good that you can get away with less coffee per shot because extraction is so good.

If you have a coffee business that requires grinding large volumes of coffee at speed then this is for you.


Alternatively, If you have a chunk of spare cash and want to spend it on the best coffee toy available then this is also the way to go. Just look at how sexy it is!


Mahlkonig E65s GbW


The E65s is the holy grail of espresso coffee grinding: dosing by a pre-set weight.

Forget about dosing by a timer or dosing by volume.

Where these dosing methods cause fluctuations - affected by the condition of the coffee or the grind size adjustment - Grind-by-Weight [GbW] delivers exactly the grams you set. 


Mahlkonig E65s
Anfim Best coffee grinder

Anfim Best On Demand


The Anfim Best on demand coffee grinder has been designed for low volume cafes and restaurants or the perfect home barista setup. We think this is the ultimate option for the home barista interested in extracting exceptional espresso at home.

The Anfim Best espresso grinder features 54mm hardened steel burrs and has been designed to grind 18 grams of espresso in around 10 seconds. We use an 18g dose in our cafes for serving speciality drinks. Café level coffee from your own home. Things start to get exciting.


Eureka Mignon Silenzio


Add some serious professionalism to your coffee game with the Eureka Mignon.


This electronic burr grinder offers a touchscreen digital dose timer for accurate dosing and distribution, an even grind consistency for the best results in coffee extraction and heavy noise insulation for quiet grinding.


It's a stylish machine that gives out a modern feel with a minimalist attitude. 


Eureka Mignon coffee grinder
Grinder Info

Blade or Burr?


Burr, always burr.

Blade grinders smash the beans around creating some huge chunks and some tiny particles. This means you'll get an under-extracted and over-extracted coffee all at the same time - and this is if your brewing is perfect!

Burr grinders crush the beans between two rotating, usually ceramic, plates. The crushing motion results in particles of more consistent size and means consistent coffee brewing. You may think (as we did in the past) how much different can it be from a blade grinder?? The difference is massive.


As with most products you'll find the more you pay, the better you'll get. At the cheaper end of the range (<£100) grinders will not grind for espresso at all, even if they claim to, and particle sizes will be a bit random resulting in an inconsistent brew.


Grinders from £100-300 tend to work best and if you drink coffee everyday then it's well worth the investment.

Hand grinders priced £300 and up tend to be for coffee shops or more increasingly - the mega coffee enthusiast. These grinders will dose the correct weight of beans, quickly and quietly and will grind each coffee particle to the same size.

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