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Brewing coffee at home can be as rewarding as cooking. Being able to influence the flavour notes and the ritual involved makes at-home coffee the go-to of 2021.



Do you enjoy a lighter brew, with lower body but a cleaner taste? The v60 filter brewer otherwise known as "pour over" would be right for you.

How about a coffee with an excellent body, and full of complex flavour notes with maximum extraction? Then the Cafetiere, otherwise known as the French Press is perfect.

Or do you fancy a thicker more robust brew with less volume? A Moka Pot, also known as the Stove Top creates exactly this.

Maybe you are in the mood for a tea-like, long extraction brew from the Chemex? You'll definitely taste everything the coffee has to offer!

Or maybe you'd like a brewer that is capable of nearly all of the above? The Aeropress and Aeropress Go can be used with any grind and can brew nearly any style of coffee.

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