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Our coffee is sold throughout the UK.

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Unorthodox Roasters supply coffee to a wide variety of establishments across the UK. Below are some of the purveyors of excellence that we work with.

12 Upper Borough Walls




Good Day Cafe is managed by Steph. Creating a space like Good Day Cafe has

been her dream since childhood. 

Steph has channelled all the knowledge gained from years of working through the ranks in London, alongside a generous dollop of passion, heart and soul, into Good Day Cafe.

At Good Day Cafe, they care about everyone and treat them with kindness and respect. If you want to feel special and have a guaranteed Good Day, then this is the place to visit!

The Bach Dundee.jpg

31 Meadowside




A bach, pronounced 'batch', is a Kiwi holiday home where you get away from the hustle and bustle of life for a long weekend. You’d typically eat food cooked on a barbecue, or fish you’d caught yourself, whiling away the time with friends. The Bach cafe emulate this ethos with their kick back and relax style venue.

Everything at The Bach is carried out with the highest levels of care to ensure that the customer has a great time, and gets served some great food. We're proud to be able to stock them with coffee and keep the good times rolling!



1a Harestanes Craft Workshop




Out-There Artisan is a teeny-tiny workshop specialising in coffee, waffles, gin infusion kits, tea, and plastic-free recyclable products. Eilidh, an ex-manager at Dishoom has decided to go her own way and create a space that is rustic and quite literally home-made. The wooden cladding was cut by her from 128 pallets broken apart over 3 months.


We helped Eilidh move from an overstretched bean-to-cup coffee machine to a fully operational two group espresso machine and a three grinder set up. She is serving Wee Stoater and Dee Calf on espresso as well as a full selection of Unorthodox retail coffee.

10 Cross Wynd




Cafe Wynd is the hidden gem of Dunfermline. Gastronomic heaven, wrapped up in an uber cool sleek space. The food here will never disappoint, and thanks to our partnership and their talented baristas, neither does the coffee!

Community is key, something the folks at Cafe Wynd understand 100%. The owners and staff here are committed to giving every customer a lovely experience, which just makes their stellar menu taste even better.

The Refillery Edinburgh.jpg

39 Newington Rd





The Refillery is leading the way in plastic-free retail. Bring your containers to fill your goods for the week and choose how much you'd like rather than what's pre-decided for you. Wee Stoater is the most popular coffee in the Refillery's range and they also stock Dee Calf and guest coffees too.

Bessies Cafe Culross.jpg

Bessie Bar Cottage, Main St

Culross, Dunfermline

KY12 8JQ


Bessies Cafe is run by a very passionate Tom who bakes all his scones and crossiants in the morning before service. He used to train baristas and thus has a mind very focussed on coffee. We're very pleased to be working with him to supply Wee Stoater to the numerous cyclist and tourists that turn the small town of Culross into a bustling hub of social interaction.