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Coffee Shop Anthems: April

Providing this month's offerings for April's "Coffee Shop Anthems" is Sofia. A member of the Kinross team, Sofia is really into her music (as you can tell from her selections). Five brilliant new additions - from Afrobeat, to Pop-Punk and finally Rap. April's additions to the playlist are ecclectic, fun and well worth a listen! Over to Sofia.

Ma Wonka - Nubiyan Twist

I came across this song on my Discover Weekly playlist, and I have to say that it is the best find I have had in a while. I found it just as I was diving in to world music and it is a perfect representation of my music taste. It has an undeniably feel good vibe and just makes you want to dance.

Hardcore Happy - The Blossom

When I first listened to this song it was exactly what I needed. As soon as I heard the first few beats I wanted to go on a sunset drive, that is the best way I can describe this song. A sunset drive.

Kodak - Pat

This song by the upcoming Pat is perfect if you are a fellow Loyle Carner fan as I am. This is a real head bopper and although it isn’t your typical coffee shop song I would always be up for listening to it in most situations.

Tell Me How (Coca Cola) - Tyler The Creator

This song by the legendary Tyler The Creator was originally made for a Coca Cola advert but has managed to creep in to almost all of my recent playlists. The songs goes through several changes in dynamics and although neither song nor artist could be typically classed as a "coffee shop song", I could certainly see myself listening to it in one.

World We Created - GIVEON

This has to be the easiest song to listen to ever. Giveon’s voice is able to calm any situation and certainly helps me when working a busy shift in the coffee shop. I will always recommend Giveon to any genre listener.

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