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Coffee Shop Anthems: May

This month's contributor to Coffee Shop Anthems is Zosia who is a member of our Kinross team. Zosia's selections follow clear themes of chilled-out tunes that are perfectly suited for coffee shop listening. In summary, this month's selections suit the perennially relaxed Zosia perfectly.

Mollyduker – Good Morning

Just a couple of weeks ago I stumbled across Good Morning and their new release of “Mollyducker” and “Keep It”. Both equally chilled songs, this song instantly reminded me of Unorthodox and brewing coffee, for me making it a great song for the playlist this month.

Retreat – Cocoon, Natalie Prass

At first I thought this song appeared a little too classical for the café, but as soon as the beat kicked in I was obsessed – it reminds me of teenage angst feeling stuck in a small town, like Kinross, but where places like Unorthodox is a nice escape.

uuu – Field Medic

This song was floating about on my Spotify recommended for a few weeks and is just a nice little snippet of something – it doesn’t go overboard on a love song, but just contains a nice and heartfelt message.

Blue Coupe – Twin Peaks

This song gives me serious Unorthodox vibes – from the glissandos in the intro to the way Connor Brodner sings. It reminds me of summer, but in reality contains a deeper message on moving on from loss, and why it is important to do so - especially in times like these.

Caves – The Lumineers

Usually more well known for their upbeat rock songs like “Ophelia” and “Ho Hey”, I was a little taken aback at first by such a different approach from The Lumineers – a cover of “Caves”, originally sung by Gregory Alan Isakov. The song reminds me of wandering through the mountains somewhere, and has such a beautiful sentiment behind it – as always the Lumineers doing it much justice.

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