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Our Christmas Gift Guide

Need a hand picking a gift for the coffee-lovers in your life? Christmas is fast approaching and we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to pick awesome presents. From UDX gift boxes to products to up your brewing game, Unorthodox has got you covered ;)

Unorthodox Roaster's Gift Boxes

Christmas Coffees and UDX best-sellers to Bare Bones Chocolate and Refill Teas, we have a selection box for everyone.

Hario V60

We're no stranger to these at Unorthodox Roasters - we love them! That's why both our cafes have V60 brew bars. The V60 is an outstanding brewing method and allows novices to the hyper-experienced to produce super flavoursome coffees.


Is it possible to find something we love just as much as the V60? The answer is yes, the AeroPress. This compact brewing method is ultra-versatile with the ability to create delicious full bodied, aromatic coffees and punchy, strong espressos. Not only that, it is the perfect companion for a trip away to make sure you're never too far from good brew.

Moka Pot

Delicious velvety, italian-style espresso coffee in the comfort of your own home! What's not to love? This is for your friend or family who loves a jaunt down to their local coffee shop for an espresso but doesn't have an espresso machine at home. The Moka Pot uses a finer grind coffee than the aforementioned brewing methods and lucky for you, all our coffees are made ready for espresso too!

Wilfa Svart Coffee Grinder

Having a good quality burr grinder is an essential for any budding at-home barista. The Wilfa Svart grinder will elevate your coffee game. It is simple to use and gives you the accurate grind for cafetiere, aeropress, dripper and most other filter grinds.

Japanese Mugs

You can't have all of these amazing coffee beans and brewers without the perfect vessel to drink from, right? From colourful Chips mugs to perfect flat white and espresso cups, our selection of Japanese mugs are both top quality and the most stunning things you've ever seen.

Travel Tumbler

Why create unnecessary waste with paper cups when you can get a Kinto Travel Tumbler that looks great and is environmentally friendly? The vacuum insulated tumbler maintains the aromas and flavours of your coffee and keeps it hot for up to 8 hours!

Unorthodox Roaster's Coffee Subscription

Give someone the gift of coffee this Christmas. A different single-origin coffee delivered to your door every month, ground just the way you like it, ready to drink. Could it get better than that?! Choose from 3 months, 6 months or a year subscriptions.

A Gift Card

A fail safe gift for anyone! Take the pressure off of making sure you've bought the right gift and let them buy it themselves! Our gift cards can be redeemed in store or online making it ideal for people who want to tuck into some of our amazing Belgian Waffles in UDX Kinross or grab themselves some coffee gadgets online to up their home-brewing game.

We hope this has sparked a few ideas for you to get ahead with the Christmas shopping! If you've not already got your free ticket to one of our Christmas Parties, quick! Get one whilst you still can.

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Foster West
Foster West
30 nov. 2023

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