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The Sound of Unorthodox

Michael delves deep into the importance of music within the Unorthodox cafe's.

Here at Unorthodox Roasters we work to give you the perfect atmosphere in which to enjoy your coffee. From the perfectly made coffee itself, to a clean and quirky interior, through to the attentive and friendly staff, everything is geared to you enjoying the atmosphere here. The fourth pillar of our quest to give you the perfect coffee experience is the music. From the moment you enter the cafe we want you to feel energised, positive and ready to enjoy your time with us!

Music is something very important to Chris and Neil, accompanying them on all of their travels, a constant companion to them as they explore the world. It was even their love of music that, during a moment of brainstorming in South America, helped inspire the very name of the company they would go on to form! With that in mind, the sounds that fill our cafes is one element that Chris and Neil have taken on personally. They want the music you hear to reflect their energy and sense of exploration and adventure. When you step into either Unorthodox shop, they want the vibe to envelope you, and for you to be taken with them on their journey. To this end they have compiled two playlists, one by Chris and the other by Neil, that are not only played in our shops but also available for you at home!

Now you can have your morning coffee accompanied by Chris’s offbeat, idiosyncratic and energetic songs. Think high tempo beats and positive energy. Or maybe you want to enjoy your coffee to Neil’s playlist, taking in some international flavours that reflect his times travelling? His playlist will perhaps introduce you to your next favourite artist, or remind you of a classic you’ve not heard in years! Whatever takes your fancy, you can now bring even more of that Unorthodox vibe into your home! To start enjoying your own slice of Unorthodox Sounds at home, just follow the links at the bottom of this blog.

While these sounds reflect us and our energy here at Unorthodox, we also understand that your own musical taste is as personal to you as your taste in coffee! Different music can help you through different times of the day, or different moods. Something lo-fi and chilled to ease you into the day, or maybe something loud and vibrant to lift your energy come the afternoon slump. Maybe you have a favourite podcast you like to settle down to listen to with a well earned coffee at the end of the day. So, what sounds accompany your coffee break? What band, radio show or podcast enhances your day? We’re always on the hunt for new sounds to explore, and we trust our customers to introduce us to the kind of exciting and vibrant music we love so much!

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