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The Thing About Coffee...

On waking, I shuffle to the kitchen and do what I instinctively know to do – even in my groggiest state. I put the kettle on. The familiar hiss begins. I weigh out the beans, start the grinder. The sound of the burrs shakes me out of whatever sleepiness remains. Then comes the first decision of the day: how will I brew my coffee? Aeropress, for an efficient tasty brew? Pour-over – a little more effort but worth it for that delicate, tea-like result? Whatever I choose, I know the outcome will give me that moment of bliss I need.

If there’s one thing that’s allowed me to keep a smidge of normality through lockdown, it’s my morning coffee routine. For some, the driving force behind that routine might be to get caffeine into the system ASAP. But for me, now, it’s so much more than that.

Way back, when offered my first espresso, I necked it like a vodka shot. Embarrassing? Yes. Tasty? Not at the time. But I persevered, grafted, kept on tasting. Single origin speciality coffee is now my passion. I have a tattoo of a Chemex to prove it.

Aeropress dripping coffee into a Chips Japanese mug at Unorthodox Roasters
The Aeropress, an "efficient, tasty brew".

There’s so much about coffee to love. When you appreciate the process that gets coffee from cherry to cup, transported from different parts of the world, it takes coffee to a whole new level. Here at Unorthodox, our founders Chris and Neil have visited almost every plantation we source green beans from. That’s pretty cool.

However you choose to make your morning coffee, the tasting possibilities with single origin coffees are endless. Push the boundaries. Try new brew!

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