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Top Five Objects Found in our Green Beans!

Ever since we started roasting coffee we've been sorting through our beans. Most of the foreign objects tend to be little fragments of stones or concrete which come loose in the sorting or drying processes at the farm. These make it into the bag of beans and are found by our team before the coffee even enters our coffee roaster. Some of these objects are as mysterious as they seem so definitely let us know if you think you know what they are!

So without further ado - these are our Top Five Objects found amongst the raw coffee:

#5 - A small handle... We have no idea what it is for or what it came from but there is beauty in mystery!

#4 - A polystyrene-like ball with a metal node embedded... Now we actually have zero idea what this is for! It feels incredibly light, it is tiny in size and doesn't seem to have broken from anything.

#3 - A diamond! Well, we are pretty convinced if we shined it up then it would be a diamond, although having no previous diamond experience we could be very wrong... It's probably just quartz...

#2 - A nut, and we don't mean a peanut! This wouldn't be great going into the coffee roaster, one of the reasons that we check the beans before they do!

And finally! #1 - A beetle! Not just any beetle, but one of those huge ones that only comes from foreign countries. You know, one with horns. Scary stuff!

So there you have it folks - you've learned something new about the coffee process. There is so much that happens behind the scenes that no one else is aware of. This is a snapshot into our lives at Unorthodox HQ!

See you on the next blog,


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