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Unorthodox Christmas Gift Guide

Needing a bit of inspiration for your upcoming gift buying? As December edges closer and festive season is beginning to get into full swing, we thought we’d make the task of buying gifts for your loved ones just that little bit easier. We have curated a selection of Unorthodox Christmas Hampers suitable for your coffee-loving Secret Santa to your cofficionado partner who is looking to up their at-home-barista kit and everything in between. In this post we’re going to take you through all seven of our boxes so you can figure out which one best suits you! Click the picture to head right to the webpage...


Unorthodox Pioneer


This box contains the holy grail of simple coffee brewing. All the flavour impact and none of the hassle. Designed for the budding coffee pioneer looking to extract the very best from our coffee.

Hamper Includes: 250g Wee Stoater, V60 Dripper, V60 Filters x 40, Kinto Long Black Mug, Unorthodox Tee, Unorthodox V60 Brew Guide

The Coffee Box

Boxes from £20.50

Nothing like finishing off the Christmas Dinner with a delicious brew before getting stuck into a round of Articulate. Serve up only the best with our crowd-pleaser combo of our Christmas Colombian, Wee Cracker and our flagship Brazilian, Wee Stoater.

*4 Hamper Options

Ultimate Hygge


Ultimate Hygge. A Danish concept rooted in taking a step back and enjoying life's quieter pleasures. This is designed for those looking to slow down and just appreciate life. A bounty of zen awaits.

Hamper Includes: 2 x Kinto Flat White Cups, Kinto Oct Jug, 2 x 250g Unorthodox Coffee, 200g Choc Chai

Adventurous Soul


Nothing improves a winter walk like knowing you've got incredible speciality coffee to enjoy when things get a little cold. Inspired by travel, this is our go-to combo when we're on long walks up Munros or around the Loch. Supreme camper gear alert too. It would make a tremendous gift for the outdoorsy one in your life.

Hamper Includes: Aeropress, Travel Tumbler, Unorthodox Beanie, 4 x 250g Coffee Bags

Festive Spirit


The Unorthodox Roasters taster box! Time for us to give you a taste of what Unorthodox is all about! We are a product company, making only the best drinks for you to brew at home.

Hamper Includes: 250g Wee Cracker, 250g BCHOC, 200g Chai Harder

The Chocoholic

From £29.50

Are you a coffee person or a chocolate person? We now know as you've selected the Chocolate Box! :) We've teamed up with the amazing Bare Bones team, based in Glasgow, to create the perfect present for you chocolate-loving friends.

*3 Hamper Options

Ultimate Secret Santa


The Unorthodox Secret Santa takes the stress out of buying your present or your coffee-loving pals gift. A box with our Christmas Colombian Wee Cracker, a bag of our house hot chocolate, B-CHOC and our favourite Kinto Stacking Mug in your chosen colour. The ultimate Unorthodox combo.

Hamper Includes: 250g Wee Cracker, 250g BCHOC, Kinto Stacking Mug

The Expert


The Expert bundle is for the total coffee lover. Are you always in a hurry but love the real deal? Grinding on demand is paramount for an unbeatable flavour experience with Unorthodox Roasters. This is your nirvana. The Wilfa Svart is the smart solution to having great coffee whenever you want it. The spectrum of grinds perfectly accommodates all home brewing methods with the minor exception of fine espresso.

Hampers Includes: 4 x Coffee Bags, Wilfa Svart Grinder

Tea Time


There's nothing quite as comforting that a good cuppa so we have teamed up with Refill Tea this Christmas to give you the best selection boxes of loose leaf teas. From the classic black teas to fruity caffeine-free delights there's a selection to suit you! You can find the brew guides for each tea in the 'tea' page.

*3 Hamper Options

Now there are no excuses for rushing at the last minute when everything you need for your coffee-loving friend is right here!

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The Unorthodox Secret Santa takes the stress out of buying your present or your coffee-loving pals gift. snow rider 3d

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