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Chips Mug Dark Green - 380ml

Chips Mug Dark Green - 380ml


Unorthodox Japanese Chips Mug



These super sexy mugs were originally sourced from a department store in Shibuya when, back in 2019, our founders travelled to Japan to explore the coffee scene there. In honour of brilliant Japanese translation to English please read the product info below for your entertainment, more than actual usefulness!

  • Description (Translation)

    This is the original product delivered by Chips Inc.


    We pursued ease of use and ease of holding, we stuck from the type silhouette that does not come bored.

    You can enjoy a combination of various colors, which can be stacked and a good mug of storage.


    I also stick to soil and glaze and incorporate things with play that I do not see elsewhere.

    It is also recommended as a gift because it is included in the box containing the logo mark of Chipsmug one by one, also sticking to the package.


    Please try taking the mug that chips deliver with confidence once by all means.

  • How to treat your Mug

    Please read before ordering:-


    ● about the nature of the goods
    Material and on the nature of the manufacturing process, color differences and of the dish surface, there is a part that glaze of light and shade can be seen.
    ・ In order to all of stroke has been done by hand, each one different atmosphere such as the size and thickness. I think you'll enjoy as a texture of handmade unique.


    ◆ after your purchase
    Please do your eyes stop (work to be boiled in the US of the abrasive juice). Since pottery is easy penetration rough dirty soil of the material, it can cause mold and stains.
    By starchy rice fill the surface of the eye, it has the effect of difficult stains and dirt.


    ◆ in case of use
    In order to dirt is unlikely to adhere, soaked in clean water, and to suck the moisture.
    Just soak 5 to 10 minutes you can reduce the adhesion of dirt.


    ◆ after your use
    Immediately wash with detergent, please houses from dried well wipe with a dry cloth. Leaving the wet, it can cause mold and odor.


    ● dirt, if the smell is anxious
    Even if you politely your use, you may be food of dirt and Chashibu will soaked. If dirt and odor is a concern, with respect to water 1l, baking soda; 4 tablespoons full, vinegar; and somewhat reduce and keep immersed in a liquid that was dissolved 1 tbsp.
    As one of the dirt embezzled taste, please enjoy the growth of the vessel.

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