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Pioneer IPA

Pioneer IPA



Pioneer IPA continues our Ethiopian Insanely Pure Aromatics (IPA) coffee journey. Selected to push boundaries and explore new possibilities on the coffee flavour wheel. Striving for discovery and exploration, Unorthodox Roasters have selected this microlot to showcase our pursuit of fragrant and complex scented high elevation coffee. Undoubtedly, Ethiopia is often considered the king of speciality and has consistently pioneered growing exquisite and characterful coffees.


A vibrant bonanza of flavours underpin this Ethiopian elixir. A bittersweet harmony of honeydew melon and Japanese yuzu [ a unique citrus fruit that has the sweetness of a mandarin and the tartness of a grapefruit ] dominate the aromatic profile in the cup. The subtle orchid florals, smooth body and light elegance of a single estate Darjeeling profoundly jumped out to us when first tasting this coffee at our Kinross HQ. Irrevocably unique and yet remarkably quaffable. We recommend preparing this coffee in a filter style brew to appreciate its complexity and nuanced flavour profile.

  • Technical Info


    Microlot Farms


    Uraga, Guji, Ethiopia







    2250-2300 masl

  • The Full Story

    Uraga is a woreda in the Guji zone, where coffee is grown on very small farms (less than 1/2 hectare each on average) alongside corn, barley, beans, and wheat. Both Washed and natural coffees are produced at the Uraga washing station.

    Coffees in Ethiopia are typically grown on very small plots of land by farmers who also grow other crops. The majority of smallholders will deliver their coffee in cherry to a nearby washing station or central processing unit, where their coffee will be sorted, weighed, and paid for or given a receipt. Coffee is then processed, usually washed or natural, by the washing station and dried on raised beds.

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