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Sai Mug Grey - Recycled Pottery

Sai Mug Grey - Recycled Pottery


Made in Japan - 300ml


Sai uses recycled clay as part of the materials used in this collection. The boxes are made from recycled cardboard and the mugs exquisitely and immaculately packaged. At Unorthodox we loved the bright colours and ergonomic shape with an oversize handle and rough unglazed base.

  • Description (Translation)

    Translated directly (for humour purposes)

    "SAI" is a vessel series created by Chips with the environment in mind. 20% of the raw material is recycled soil made by pulverizing defective products.

    With its simple and easy-to-use shape, it will decorate your table in a variety of situations. Would you like to have fun and feel free to work on environmental activities?

    ■Country of manufacture: Japan

    ■Materials: Porcelain/Contains 20% recycled raw materials (Mino ware)

    ■Size: Φ88 x H76mm

    ■Capacity: 300ml filled with water

    Microwave safe, dishwasher safe, oven safe, no direct fire

    ・Because each piece is made by hand, there may be variations in shape, size, and color shade. Some errors will occur.

    ・Unevenness and dripping of the glaze are characteristics of the glaze used. Even if the same glaze is used, the firing results will vary depending on the conditions. Please enjoy each texture and texture.

  • Aftercare

    ・Finely pulverized ceramics are mixed with soil and reused. Therefore, the surface may be rough, have small holes, or have black dots, but there is no problem in using it.

    ・Avoid using cleansers or metal scrubbing brushes as they may scratch the surface.

    ・After use, remove dirt as soon as possible with a soft sponge and kitchen detergent and dry before storing.

    ・Dishwashers and dryers can be used, but please be careful not to tip over or touch inside the cabinet.

    ・Please note that even products that can be used in the microwave may crack or break if used in a sudden temperature change.

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