Our cockerel logo likes Christmas more than any other coffee brand. Can you tell? He's given up spitting fire for one month and instead it's all about the Christmas tree. Wee Cracker is a full bodied fruity, nutty coffee with a caramac sweetness which'll be the star player not only at any Christmas table, but at any table full stop!

  • Technical Info

    PRODUCER: CENCOIC cooperative

    ORIGIN: Pico de Aguila, Cauca, Colombia

    VARIETY: Caturra & Typica

    PROCESS: Washed

    ALTITUDE: 1850 masl

  • The Full Story

    Pico de Águila is located in the municipality of Morales on the western mountain range 32km east of Popayán. Unorthodox Roasters founders Neil and Chris spent 4 days in the white city of Popayán also known as the food capital of Colombia. It's a beautiful region which produces a large quantity of high quality coffee. The farmers are really clued up in how to sort and dry the coffee well which is an important part of maintaining the coffees flavour throughout the process. 


    The highest peak in the reserve is called Cerro Pico de Águila. At 2800masl up in the Páramo, it’s a touch to high to grow coffee, but members of the local community manage to cultivate it at 1500-1850masl. Pico de Águila is one of the most sacred sites for the indigenous community within the reserve and is also a key source of water for the surrounding region.