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XOXO - Darjeeling Black Tea

XOXO - Darjeeling Black Tea




Grown at a staggering 2000 masl, you will be re-evaluating all you know about black tea once this light, floral beverage invades your taste buds.


The high grade flavours shine through with ease along with the confirmation that adding milk is no longer a necessity.

  • Technical Info

    This darjeeling tea is an absolute classic, suitable only for those who are looking for an exceptional cup of tea. Grown in the Darjeeling distric in West Bengal, India, this is a sweet spot for tea on planet earth. With acidic soil, high rainfall and at an altitiude of 2070 masl, this tea is harvested in June and brewed into a cup that is full-bodied and bursting with flavours of muscatal grapes and currants. Grown from the Chinese variety of the tea plant as opposed to the more bitter Indian variety, the high quality can be observed by the small stature of the young leaves and by the delicate, amber beverage that will brew in your teapot.


    Tea fit for a king.

  • Brewing Info

    PER CUP:

    3g / 1-2 tsp



    3 mins




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