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Embrace the vibrant allure of Yellowcake, a captivating Kenyan that radiates with intensity and zest.  Yellowcake exhibits a bold and dynamic character, with a fusion of vibrancy, acidity, and floral high notes in every glorious cup.

  • Technical Info

    PRODUCER: Thambana Farmers Co-op

    ORIGIN: Kiungu, Embu, Kenya

    VARIETY: SL28, SL34, Riuru 11, Batian

    PROCESS: Washed

    ALTITUDE: 1700 - 1800 masl

  • The Full Story

    The Kathima factory is under the Thambana Cooperative society, located in Embu, a neighbouring region to Kirinyaga at the slopes of Mount Kenya.

    We have seen way more great coffees from Embu lately than in the past. They are supported by Tropical farm management, a company that supports small holders to increase their coffee production as well as help the factories on quality control and traceability related to processing.

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