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A Pressing Matter

The French Press or Cafetiere is probably THE most if not one of the most popular brewers in the world. Brewing a French Press seems slightly less complicated that some brew methods yet is also capable of brewing incredible coffee. I always find that the coffee tastes even better when given a few minutes to cool slightly once brewed. Using 20g of coffee for 300mls (you can scale this up as you require), here is our recipe for an amazing French Press brew.

1) Add 20g (roughly six heaped teaspoons) of coarsely ground ecoffee into the French Press.

2) Pour in 300mls of water, just off the boil

3) After one minute, the grounds will have risen to the top. Fold and push the grounds to make sure that the grounds stay in contact with the water.

4) After a further 3 minutes plunge the metal filter of the French Press, pour your coffee and enjoy.

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