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The Moka Pot Method

Thick, velvety, heavy bodied espresso-like coffee feels quintessentially Italian and its exactly what you get from a Moka Pot. If you like espresso at home but don't have an espresso machine, this is one of the closest equivalents that you can get. For around £20? Sounds like a great deal to us. The Moka pot is more similar to espresso in terms of grind size, requiring much more finely ground coffee than a V60, Aeropress or Cafetiere. This is to do with how the Moka Pot works. As the coffee has less contact time with the water, extraction needs to happen quicker. A finer grind size allows for quicker extraction. We tend to use 15g of coffee for 150mls of water which means the brew really is thick and syrup-like. Here is our method to making an amazing Moka Pot at home. We hope you enjoy!

1) Boil the kettle

2) Add 150mls of boiling water to the bottom chamber.

3) Place basket on top and put 15g of finely ground coffee into it.

4) Use a tea towel to hold the bottom chamber and screw pitcher on top but be careful (it will be hot!).

5) Place Moka Pot onto your hob at a low heat.

6) The coffee should filter through and enter the top chamber like a thick syrup. You may want to leave the Moka pot lid off of this process so you can gauge when it has finished.

7) As soon as the coffee starts spluttering, close the lid, remove the Moka Pot from the heat and rinse the bottom of the Moka Pot in cold water. This helps to stop the brewing process

7) Enjoy your luxurious Italian style coffee.

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