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Aeropress: The Unorthodox Method

We love the Aerorpress here at Unorthodox Roasters. Few brewers allow for such variation with minimal hassle which is all the more impressive considering its compact size and (at £29) its comparatively low price. Fuller bodied than the V60, the Aeropress also makes an incredibly aromatic brew - delicious! In our cafes we use the inverted method to brew the Aeropress and this is the one that we will be showing you here! There are other ways of brewing and we'd encourage you to try them out to see what works best for you. We have found our method to be easy to replicate and consistent at makign great tasting coffee.

1) Preheat your cup

2) Turn your Aeropress upside down so that the rubber seal is at the bottom (keeping water from leaking out and the grooves for the filter cap are at the top.

3) Add 15g (roughly four heaped teaspoons) of medium ground coffee to the Aeropress chamber.

4) Pour 225ml of boiling water onto the grounds in the chamber. The water level should be just above the number 1 on the side of the Aeropress.

5) After 30 seconds stir the brew, pushing down all of the coffee grounds that have risen to the top.

6) After a further minute, place filter paper into the cap, dampen and screw onto the Aeropress.

7) Place cup upside down on top of the Aeropress and flip both the brewer and cup over so that the cup is upright and the Aeropress is resting on top.

8) Press the Aeropress' plunger down for 15 seconds and stop when you hear a hiss.

9) Enjoy your coffee!

To clean the Aeropress, remove the cap and over a (compost) bin push the plunger as far as it will go. The coffee cake and filter paper should simply fall out. Rinse the Aeropress to ensure no coffee or grounds remain.

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