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Chemex Brew Guide

Coffee rippling when brewing a Chemex
The Chemex makes a delicate, light, almost tea-like coffee

The Chemex has achieved a strange sort of cult celebrity status amongst all other coffee brewers which seems strange. Prior to working in speciality coffee I wouldn't have been able to point one out to you. They seem to feature far more prominently in popular culture than most other brewers (most notably in an episode of Friends). I'd like to imagine that the prominence of the Chemex isn't solely down to its sleek design but also because of its ability to make incredibly delicious coffee. The Unorthodox recipe follows a fairly similar formula to the French Press, 20g of medium-coarse ground coffee for 300ml of water.

1) Crease the Chemex filter paper and place into the Chemex with the double folded section into the spout.

2) Pour a small amount of hot water into the Chemex to wet the filter paper and preheat the brewer.

3) Pour our the water.

4) Pour 20g of coffee into the filter paper.

5) To start the bloom process, pour 50 ml of freshly boiled water onto the grounds. Try to get all the coffee saturated.

6) After a 1 minute bloom begin slowly pouring in the remaining 250mls of water in an anti-clockwise motion.

7) Aim to have all the water filtered through by the 4 minute mark. If water remains, remove the filter regardless and dispose.

8) Gently swirl the Chemex containing the filtered coffee before serving.

9) Relax and enjoy the flavours pronounced in your cup of Chemex coffee.

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