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Unorthodox V60 Brew Guide

We seemed to have developed a ritual at our Kinross HQ. At the start of every day we enjoy a V60 filter coffee together andchew the fat. For the more bleary eyed staff members is essential in waking up for a day of work. Not only is it a nice team bonding experience, its a great time to enjoy a tasty cup of coffee.

There is something incredibly delicate about a delicious well brewed V60. Anyway, here is our own Unorthodox V60 Brew Guide. We tend to go for 15g for 250ml of water but you can experiment according to your preferences - our range is usually between 12-18g so it really is up to you.

1) Grab a cup and place the V60 on top

2) Crease paper down the seam and place into the V60

3) Pour freshly boiled water to completely saturate the paper. This helps to make sure no coffee grounds get stuck in the paper and has the added bonus of pre-heating your cup.

4) Empty your cup of water, put the V60 back on top of the cup and pour in your medium ground coffee.

5) Pour 50mls of boiling water onto the grounds. Pour slowly - the aim is to saturate the grounds using as little water as close to 50mls as possible. Leave for 30 seconds. This is called the Bloom phase.

6) You will now have 200mls of water to filter through in (ideally) 2minutes. Slowly pour your water in an anti-clockwise spiral motion from the centre of the V60 to the edges.

7) As the water is filtering through pour any remaining water on coffee left on the V60 walls to ensure even extraction. If no grounds are on the walls but the filtration is slow, pour into the centre to agitate the bed and speed up the filtration process. You can adjust the speed of brew with these two techniques.

8) At 2mins 30 seconds all the water should have filtered through. Remove the V60 from the cup, put your coffee grounds and filter paper in the bin or compost and enjoy your V60!

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Foster West
Foster West
Nov 30, 2023

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