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Gunpowder - Green Tea Pellets

Gunpowder - Green Tea Pellets




This Gunpowder tea was grown in the Zhejiang Province, China and is rolled into small pellets where it closely resembles gunpowder.

Brew it in your teapot and watch the explosive flavour develop as the pellets unfurl.

  • Technical Info

    Pingshui Gunpowder tea can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty of China, approximately 650 AD. This tea was harvested in the late months of spring leading to a great depth of flavour due to the build up of nutrients over the cold winter in the Zhejiang Province. Originally referred to as Pearl Tea, it gets the name 'Gunpowder' from an English clerk who mistaken the tea for gunpowder due to its appearance. It is very unique as the whole leaves have been rolled up into small, tight pellets which open up and expand when in contact with hot water. This results in a very smooth and bitter-less brew that can be reinfused many times over.


    Green tea at its finest!

  • Brewing Info

    PER CUP:

    2g / 1 tsp



    3 mins




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