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Hessian Coffee Sack

Hessian Coffee Sack


Coffee sacks are made from the Jute plant, an ecofriendly material with the strength to hold vast quantities of coffee beans. Hessian is the word given to the weave (otherwise known as Burlap in the Americas).


Have a read below to see the difference between the sack types.


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    Type Differences:

    Brazilian sacks have a lighter nature and thinner than the other sack types. They are probably easier to work with when upcycling.

    African sacks are denser, heavier, thicker and tend to be more decorative, often depicting animals but sometimes just with a large amount of very pleasing text.

    Colombian sacks are a rough heavy hessian weave and hold their shape very well. Less malleable but also very colourful.

    Other Americas sacks include those from Peru, Guatemala and El Salvador. They are the same soft hessian material as African sacks.

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